James Monroe Museum

Title: Bowley Scholar

Supervisor: Scott Harris, Director, and Jarod Kearney, Curator

photo2With a fellow Bowley Scholar, I completed a full inventory of the object collections at the museum, photographing objects that did not have pictures and updating all objects in the new Past Perfect 5 software. I also created three lesson plans for high school students with accompanying virtual exhibits for teachers to use in the classroom, focusing on the Monroe Doctrine, slavery during Monroe’s presidency and the Missouri Compromise, and the Era of Good Feelings.

Along with these projects, I also worked on completing an inventory of the archives, inventorying document boxes and cataloging the archives with scans and Past Perfect entries. I also participated in many of the regular operations of the museum, including donor relations and researching for an article for the White House Journal. I assisted in installing a new exhibit and in de-installing a temporary exhibit.

Skills Developed:

  • PastPerfect5 software
  • Collections management practices, including cataloging and object handling
  • Photographing collections